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From the smallest gathering of friends to the grandest of weddings, the Irish Center is the perfect place to make lasting memories.

Contact Teresa Moore at 415-661-2700, ext. 101 or banquets@irishcentersf.org

Room Rentals: Tuesday - Sunday (Closed Monday)

  • St Patrick's #1: Named for the patron saint of Ireland, this is our largest room located on the 2nd floor. Capacity up to 600 people, theatre style. We can partition for smaller events.
  • St Patrick's #2: Can hold up to 250 people, theatre style   
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  • St Patrick's #3: Can hold up to 150 people, theatre style  
  • St Francis: is located on the 1st floor. the room holds up to 140 theatre style. Can host anything from meetings to weddings & all of the above
  • The Boardroom: is located on the 3rd floor & holds up to 40 people. Can host seminars, lunches,dinners & meetings

Contact Teresa Moore at 415-661-2700, ext. 101 or banquets@irishcentersf.org


Contact Teresa Moore at 415-661-2700, ext. 101 or banquets@irishcentersf.org

groupIn order to book your event here at the United Irish Cultural Center, the Banquet Manager will need the following information:

  • The date you are interested in having the event
  • The time you want the event to take place brunch, lunch, dinner o (Any meal served after 2pm is considered dinner.)
  • How many guests will you be inviting
  • Bar: Will you be having a bar at your event and if so, what type of bar? Hosted or No-Host? There is a $200 minimum guarantee sale that you must meet on all bars. You will let us know if the bar is to stay open during service of the meal or if it is to be closed during this time. You will also let us know if it is to open up again after the service of the meal. What time do you want the bar open for your guests?
  • Will you be serving wine at the tables? What kind of wine? How many bottles per table (we recommend 1white and 1 red per table). Can your guests request more wine for their table?
  • Entrees:

  • Your may choose two entrées to serve your guests with the third choice always being Vegetarian Pasta. You will let us know your entrée choices one month in advance of your event.
  • You will let us know if everyone is having soup or salad
  • You will choose one starch per entrée - potato or rice.
  • You will let us know what dessert you will be serving, or if you will be bringing in your own dessert. Please note that all cakes brought in are cut and served immediately after the meal is served. Any delay in service of the cake will result in an additional service charge. See specific menus for further information.
  • You must have your final guarantee number of each entrée into the office by the Tuesday prior to your event. The final guarantee number is the number the chef prepares for and the number you are charged for regardless of any changes later in the week.

    Once a deposit is received and a contract started, you will be asked to sign the contract and give your member number if you are a member or provide the member and member number sponsoring your event.

    We have some extra items that are available for use/rent: Bud vases, table numbers and stands, Candelabras (we only have 2), table mirrors for $50 rental fee.



Contact Teresa Moore at 415-661-2700, ext. 101 or banquets@irishcentersf.org

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